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Photo of an Entrance of Masjid an-Nabawi

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"I have supersensitive hearing, practically supernatural."


"I’ve got a girl out there crying over you because she cares so much, and I’m here trying to figure out why but I can’t see what’s worth caring about. You know, Damon once told me that he promised you an eternity of misery, and I remember thinking ‘Well, what could his brother have ever done to inspire so much hatred?’. But now I get it. You’re not a brother to him. Brothers don’t give up. So every time I see you doing anything that looks like you’ve done so, every time you try to start over in a life that’s nothing but a lie, I will make you pay. I will be the one to bring you the misery you deserve.

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Klaroline Appreciation Week :

  • Day 4: Favorite Klaroline quotes



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Me and my future boyfriend


Winding path by Jorge Sanz Martin

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